Aenimus is the only band I toured with that prior to meeting up

with them I hadn't met a single member from the band. 

While living in San Diego for a few weeks before I needed to be with Skyburial for their tour, I caught Aenimus while they were

playing a show on their tour with Fleshgod Apocalypse

I had never heard their music, but was familiar with the name due to the record label they are on so I was excited to check them out. I had a photo pass thanks to the music publication I ran at the time and was too tired to go up to the merch table 

to introduce myself to the guys to get their contact info. Something I literally NEVER pass up on doing. I did get in touch with them afterwards and when they announced the first tour I did with them I reached out asking if they were looking to take anyone and if yes, I was interested. 

They were the only other band to take me out on the road twice aside from The Agony Scene (so far at least, I know Sorry No Sympathy will for sure take me again). 

For the first tour, I just ran their merch table and did daily photos along with weekly video recaps to show behind the scenes and live footage. During the second tour, I decided to really challenge myself and do not only daily photos but also daily recap videos featuring behind the scenes footage/audio.

The second tour was also the biggest tour I've done, the headliners were very popular and from Finland so it was an awesome experience for me and taught me a lot. 

Doing the daily recap videos is what inspired me to start making full length documentaries. I made theirs over the summer once the pandemic hit, however I never did anything with it. I'm really glad nothing happened with it then because as soon as I got the idea to do this online exhibit I thought it would be the perfect time to premiere it.  

Making the Aenimus Tour Diaries documentary was a lot of fun for me and after putting the final touches on theirs I knew I needed to make more for the other bands. 

Below you'll find the full length documentary and the weekly videos I made for them during the first tour. If you'd like to see the daily recap videos I made, head over to the bands Instagram here and check out their story highlights!

first tour.jpg
second tour.jpg