Getting hired for this tour was made possible due to the drummer, Daniel, having been the fill in drummer for the second The Agony Scene tour I did. The band had me help run their merch table along with doing daily photos and a final tour recap video which is included on this page. 

Unfortunately, the footage I had was too short in the clip lengths to make a full length documentary so I went ahead and made the guys something special by mixing video footage with the images from this tour I have printed in both volumes of my book, Tour Diaries.

Also fun fact- the drummer in the headliner, Allegaeon, was the fill in drummer on the first The Agony Scene tour I did. He actually recommended Daniel to TAS for the second tour and while on this tour with Reaping Asmodeia, I let the vocalist in Allegaeon know I was interested in working for them if they ever needed someone and sure enough, working for Allegaeon would have been the first tour I did in 2020 if it wasn't for the pandemic.