Back in 2016 when I became a contributor for an online music publication, Sorry No Sympathy was the first band I ever reached out to about getting them featured on the site. I remember getting on Bandcamp and looking into Denver bands and despite being located in Wyoming, they were one of the first bands I came across and reached out to. Skyburial was another band I discovered during this time but the guys in SNS looked much nicer so I reached out to them and never contacted Skyburial. Kind of funny how all that played out for me huh?! 

I first met the guys in January of 2017 and we stayed in touch ever since. They were one of the few bands I knew that toured so I was hopeful that due to our friendship that some day they would ask me to come with. Sure enough that day finally came and I was so excited when it did. 

They didn't need me to do merch for them so I got to spend all my time with my camera on this tour.  I provided daily live photos and put together a 1 minute recap video. Fun fact about the video-

the layout was inspired by me binge watching Parks and Recs as my distraction to make the video because I was struggling creatively. If you are familiar with the opening credits for the show you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Since I had known the guys for awhile at that point, this was the most comfortable I had been on a tour while being creepy with my camera. It meant a lot to be able to capture their lives on the road the way that I did. They haven't done a tour since this one due to not having a van and the pandemic happening. Even if they never take me on tour again, I hope some day they will be able to get back out on the road doing what they love the most.  Just kidding, they know I'll be mad if they never take me again.

Below you will find the bands full length Tour Diaries documentary along with the original one minute recap that was made when the tour ended.