I know, I know, how did a nobody like me get the chance to tour 

with one of the coolest metal bands?

Simple....I network at shows ; )

For Summer Slaughter 2018 in Denver I was given an all access pass (Thanks again Veil of Maya!) and met The Agony Scene  while outside mingling with some friends. I introduced myself 

after their set so I could get contact info from someone so I could send them the pictures I had.  The Agony Scene, to give you a little background on the band, have been around since the early 2000s. I truthfully never listened to their music back in the day (still not sure why because I do like it) but knew a lot of people who were super excited about their return after a long hiatus so checking out their set during SS was a must for me. 

Fast forward a few months and I was contacted by one of their members about coming out on tour with them to do merch (taking photos wasn't their priority with hiring me but an added bonus). 

To this day, I still can't believe that ask me to join them but I am so grateful they did. I had only left the state once before with a band (not the best time or something I'd consider a 'tour' so not included in Tour Diaries) and truly was a nobody amongst music photographers so I thought they were crazy and desperate. 

These guys are truly legends in my eyes, they will say they are old and boring but to me they are the coolest band I toured with (sorry to the rest of the bands but you KNOW me touring with them was the coolest thing ever and probably why some other bands asked me to go with them). I absolutely loved hearing from their fans every night how stoked they were to be seeing them and how much they loved them back in the early 2000s.  Also if you are wondering- no, they don't still play Paint It Black.

I impressed the guys so much (or they were just desperate again) that they asked me to join them for round two in the spring of 2019 for what ended up being their final tour.  

During both tours I ran their merch table and provided daily photos. I made 4 weekly recap videos during the first tour and for the second I only did one.  Putting together a full length documentary was a must for these guys but due to time and my mental energy over the loss of the bassist in 2020, I decided to only make one for the band and used footage from the first tour I did with them in 2018.  It truthfully was hard to revisit a lot of this footage knowing Jay, who passed away last August, isn't going to see it but I know he's been whispering to me to not give up or let him being gone stop me from doing this for the rest of the guys. 

I will always be grateful for these guys and having taken a risk with hiring a nobody.  I learned so much from my time on the road with them and I wouldn't be who I am today without having been along side them for these tours.